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Day Dream Arabians is located in the magical Santa Ynez valley of California. Carol Steppe has had Arabian horses in this ideal location for 22 years and believes it is the perfect setting for a world class Arabian horse farm. Santa Ynez has an unequaled combination of beautiful horse farms, top rated vineyards, fantastic scenery, fellow Arabian horse breeders, world renowned trainers, top rated veterinarians, wonderful restaurants, great little inns and warm hospitality. It should be the number one location in America for Arabian horse enthusiasts to visit.

The philosophy of Day Dream's owner, Carol Steppe, is that to give up beauty for talent, or talent for beauty is simply that - giving up. Greatness is only proven year after year and horse after horse. One special horse does not make a great breeder. Consistently producing horses of great beauty and proven talent, year after year, and always trying to raise the bar in the meantime, that is what a breeder should try to achieve.

A breeding program is a building process, a layering of beauty and structure that is firmly built on a foundation of superior individual horses, outstanding and consistent pedigrees and proven genetic producers. To have top level show and breeding horses year after year is not lucky, nor is it an accident. Rather, it is a well thought out plan by the breeder and it is then implemented by choosing truly great horses who are bred to produce the vision of the individual breeder. Breeding is always a tribute to the ancestors of the mare and stallion you have chosen to breed. The greatness of the resulting foal, and possibly the very quality of its entire life, are the responsibility of the breeder. The vision and thoughtfulness of a breeding decision cannot be too strongly encouraged.

Carol Steppe with foundation mares - Kay and Chardonnay Chelan

Showkayce+. senior stallion at Day Dream Arabians, is the perfect example of just that philosophy. Arlene Magid (Arabbits@aol.com), the great pedigree guru, has put it this way, " How did Showkayce+ achieve his remarkable record as a sire? It's all in the pedigree. As the respected 1940's breeder Dr. Williams Jacob said, "Whatever is in the pedigree will come out. Nothing else can."

Showkayce+ has a heritage without "holes". All of the horses in his immediate ancestry have been significant breeding horses themselves, and his pedigree contains a high degree of line breeding to greats of the breed which is a key factor in his success at passing on his own best traits."

Arlene continues, "Showkayce's pedigree is one of the most outstanding in the breed. Of the 25 horses in its first four generations, 23 have won National titles or have produced National winners. His ancestry contains no less than 18 Aristocrat mares (those mares that have produced 4 or more champions)." The remarkable fact is that 8 of those mares appear twice making at least 27 mares in his pedigree outstanding proven producers.

At Day Dream we have about 5-10 foals a year. We also have 5 outstanding stallions. You can see that no one stallion will be having many chances to create fantastic foals. That is where the art of breeding comes in. We all know that it is impossible to create a super star with every breeding, but we invite you to come see our mares and foals in the spring and marvel at the exceptional results that we achieve. It is not in the number of mares bred, it is the magic of the percentage of quality produced.

Please come to our farm. We have a close knit staff of people that enjoy showing off the horses that we so lovingly raise. We like to talk breeding, so please pick our brains and let us share some of our experience. We are convicted that the true joy of the Arabian horse business does not lie in the show ring, but in the warm straw of a quiet night, hearing the first nickers of a newborn foal! When you realize that your efforts and careful decisions helped this precious little one take its first breath, then you will deeply understand the joy of the breeder.

Miracles are made of such Day Dreams.

Carol with Chardonnay Chelan
The Queen - Carols first Arabian mare and she is the dam of a U.S. National Champion halter gelding, Show Nuff

Tiffany Schmidt

Tiffany Schmidt is the farm manager at Day Dream Arabians, Inc. She graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in Equine Management, and she has been an amateur rider with Cynthia and Tami Burkman since she was 7 years old. Tiffany recently completed the outstanding short course on breeding at Colorado State University. She also apprenticed at Day Dream Arabians under our very experienced former manager, Debra Walter Schliem. When Deb decided to move to Texas to be more available to her family, we were fortunate to have Tiffany already on board.

Tiffany has stepped in and provided our farm with a very capable, professional and enthusiastic young viewpoint. She is one example of how fortunate the Arabian horse industry is to have fresh and special talent that will lead our horses with very experienced hands well into the future.

We welcome you to contact Tiffany about breeding decisions, sales and all general farm business. We have a great team of people at Day Dream Arabians and our philosophy is to work together and to make the horses the super stars. When our industry is focused on the horses, then that is when the special people really shine. We introduce one of our stars, Tiffany Schmidt.