New Foals

2012 Foals

Angels Beside Me

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2011 Foals

2011 Showkayce Colt out of Sacajawea V

2010 Foals

Ola La DDA
(Hi Hello Boy x DDA Dream On by Gazal Al Shaqab)
2010 Filly

2010 *HI Hello Boy Filly 
(*HI Hello Boy x DDA Dream On a Gazal Al Shaqab daughter out of a Showkayce daughter)

Quintessence DDA
(Signifikaynce x Yours To Show)

Sacajawea V

(*Jullyen El Jamaal x Sweet Siesta V)
and her 2010 Showkayce colt


2009 Foals

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Validation DDA

Validation DDA

Validation DDA
(Signifikaynce x C Vals Venture by GH Venture)

2009 Colt
(Signifikaynce x Kendall Marie DDA by Showkayce)

2009 Colt
(Signifikaynce x WR Jullane by Jullyen El Jamaal)

2009 Grey Filly
(Signifikaynce x SC Zimpatique)



2008 Foals

Signifikayant Beauty is the epitome of what the Day Dream program is striving to achieve.  She has extreme beauty, both exotic and feminine, and she is exactly the type of filly that will wear the champion ribbons for years to come.  We were so thrilled when she was born as she represents our breeding in a layered and visionary way.

 Her sire is Signifikaynce (Its Sshow Time x Aristokayte – both bred by Day Dream) and her dam is the Showkayce daughter, Kendall Marie DDA (both bred by Day Dream).  Signifikaynce was the 2005 U.S. Reserve National Champion colt and Kendall Marie DDA was a U.S. National Top Ten Filly.  So we did expect big things, but even we were thrilled when this exquisite chestnut filly with the huge scoop in her face and all the added extras of the long and bendy neck, long, clean legs and stunning build, was born.

 A very "signifikayant" filly, from a farm that has worked so long and hard to produce some of the best horses, consistently over time, in the entire world.  A "global" girl, she is a rare treasure from an ancient breed and a modern version of perfection.

 We love our Brazilian version of a *Bask look alike, *HI Hello Boy.  This filly is what we brought him here to do.  Look at *HI Hello Boy's pedigree again – this is a stallion who will make champions over and over.  The ingredients are all right there.  If you ever travel to Brazil you will see the Don El Chall "get" in greater numbers than we have here, and they will make you weep they are just so special.  At our farm we get to add the great blood of Showkayce (Fame VF x Kay x Kaiyoum) and the way his daughters are producing we know that this is what the breeding game is all about.

 This filly is offered for sale to discriminating buyers who want it all.  She could go and show anywhere in the world and get it done, and then make valuable babies herself for a lifetime.

New Flash from Minnesota!  The amazing and beloved Drama Qyeen, U.S.National Champion daughter of U.S. National Champion First Cyte+, had a gorgeous bay Its Sshow Time colt!  We are all so excited and Donna and I speak several times a week about this fancy colts progress.  I am a huge fan of Donna’s program and luckily she feels the same about ours.  She is rebreeding Drama Qyeen back to Its Show Time – and that just speaks to how thrilled she is to have this new little “movie star” in her life.  Thank you Donna for bringing one of the top mares in the country to our great sire Its Sshow Time!  We look forward to a First Cyte+ foal of our own as well.

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Also in the news are three beautiful Showkayce daughters that have been born so far this year.  The first filly is owned and bred by Lavoy Shepard.  She is out of a Jullyen El Jamaal daughter and she is an extraordinary filly.  When we make these kind of statements at Day Dream we are almost always able to back that up with show wins at a later age.  This filly’s name is Eve (pending) and she has all the qualities that we expect with a Showkayce foal.  She has a very beautiful face, a vertical, long hooky neck, a smooth, correct body and lots of trot.  The cross of Showkayce on the Jullyen daughters is just excellent.  We have a great video of this filly at 1 month – please call if you are interested in a top future show filly.

The next filly was born on St. Patrick’s Day and we will name her Caitlin Colleen.  She is the Scottsdale Auction filly for Its Sshow Time in 2009.  This filly is big and stretchy with a long fancy neck and long, long legs.  We are delighted to see her unfolding every day to become what we hope will be a very beautiful and fancy show filly.  She will be grey and already has grey around her eyes, so we hope that her color will be just wonderful come show time next year.  Her mother is the stunning mare, C Vals Venture.

The next time the stork came we were blessed with yet another Showkayce filly.  She was born on Easter morning and Shan Wilson actually delivered her – thanks Shan!  Her Dam is the remarkable and legendary Second Editions Debut (barn name Honey), naturally we will call this filly Honey Bunny. We will register her name to be Easter Edition.  We are thrilled to own this special half-Arabian youngster and we are absolutely convicted that she will make her way many times to the winner’s circle.  She will be talented and it will be so much fun to find her “areas of excellence”, and she may have several different routes to the roses.

HI Hello Boy

Congratulations are also in order to Diane Hicks on her HI Hello Boy colt.  Diane reports that he is a beautiful little one and we hope to have some baby photos to show you soon.  We are very happy for Diane and happy that Hi Hello Boy is off to such a good start for the year. 

We have several more mares to foal out at Day Dream this year.  We have foals coming by our stallions, Showkayce+, Its Sshow Time++ and Signifikaynce and also our wonderful Brazilian Champion, HI Hello Boy.  We also welcome two outside stallions to our program.  First, the extremely exciting young Marwan son Selket Marque and second, the famous sire of champions, La Heeb, both having foals for us in 2008.